Domestic Violence and Protection Orders

Domestic violence is those which takes place in a family setting, they can be instances where the husband abuses the wife or the parents mistreating the children. Domestic violence need not necessarily need to involve the physical torture or inflicting of pain but can include the emotional and the psychological aspect.

The UAE Law always favors and protects the rights of the women. The husband cannot inflict any physical harm to the wife such as hitting, slapping as these are crimes punishable by law. The women should make sure that their rights are protects as they are required to report to the government authorities should the matter persist. These can also be grounds for the wife to seek divorce and obtain custody for the children and apply for compensation.

The Dubai Foundation for Woman and Children (DFWAC) was established in 2007 to offer immediate protection and assistance for the women and children in the UAE against domestic violence, child abuse and human trafficking. It is the first licensed non-profit shelter in the UAE that runs specifically for the care of women and children. The services DFWAC offers are in complete accordance with international human rights obligations.

Women who are going through a series of violence should make sure that they report to the government authorities with any delay as this can stop most of the problems to escalate and seek protection from the law. Women can also get medical reports from the hospitals to prove the harm done by the other, these can very important evidence on behalf of the women.